Due to our extensive network, we are approached by new projects daily, however, we work with less than 1% of them due to our stringent selection process which includes:
→ Preliminary analysis
→ Meetings with founding team members
→ Business model and industry research
→ Performance analysis (revenue, user acquisition, retention etc.)
→ Due diligence on team background and referrals
→ Independent technical assessment and evaluation
→ Marketing strategy analysis and report.

Our foremost priority is to shortlist and select projects which are at least partially developed and operational with the ability to show revenue and performance indicators. After our complete assessment only projects which exhibit maximum potential for growth and increase in valuation are selected.


We are equally diligent about investors we bring onboard, offering them access to fully vetted projects with maximum potential for growth within the next 12 months.

Qualified investors are invited to participate in Smart Seed rounds, where they can acquire equity via convertible notes, and benefit from relatively short investment horizons.

 Size of Smart Seed rounds: $500K - $3M

 Mode of issuance: convertible notes

 Investment horizon: Short, when tokens are issued

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