Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fast can I launch my ICO and Token Sale?

Utilitonomy promises full installation of Software under your domain in 48 hours or less.

2. What is White label Solution?

Utilitonomy Software is installed on your subdomain and all Investor dashboard colours, branding, logos and messages will be matched with your project design and requirements.

3. Dashboard Security?

Here at Utilitonomy– we take Security very seriously!

We guarantee:

End-to-End Encryption

Trusted and full SSL Protection and Two-way encryption on Databases

Platform Audit by

Security check on each major software update with provided white-hacking stability reports for vulnerabilities and recommendations.

Admin Roles diversification and Security features

Separated admin permissions for highest security and access to different data. IP management of Admin users, Access to platform Logs and Monitoring services

Admin Roles diversification and Security features

Separated admin permissions for highest security and access to different data. IP management of Admin users, Access to platform Logs and Monitoring services

Secure Funds Storage

Robust security on Crypto wallets – hot and cold. All funds secured in dedicated Investor wallets. Single access and you hold all Private keys!

Plus many more!

4. KYC | AML | Custodian Services?

Fully customizable whitelisting solution either with Internal KYC module , either with already integrated Providers. We can even add Provider of your choice.

We support Configurable manual ‘request-data’ fields with export from Admin or Built-in Provider API integrations.

5. Utilitonomy and translation/localisation?

We support full multilingual solution for any field visible for the investor. With our sophisticated software you can customise every single word that your investor see in the dashboard.

You can also customise all emails, content and messages to match your Marketing goals, communication plans and all related.

You can even add by yourself translations in different languages if you might need.

6. Smart Contracts , Blockchains, Tokens and all we can do.

Utilitonomy can build a Smart Contract for you using either Ethereum blockchain, either Stellar Blockchain. We support Token Generation and Token distribution in any ERC-20 or Stellar Tokens.

We can even develop much more sophisticated ERC based Token with embedded all kinds of rules and validations that you might need.

We can also make an independent Smart Contract Audit for you (Contact us for more details).

7. Payment Options for Investors?

We support native integration of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar payments + 40 more major Alt Coins though integrations (such as Ripple, Litecoin, Binance coin, ZCash, DASH, Monero, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, etc)

We also support native acceptance of Credit cards in EUR or USD

Along with Wire Transfer manager where you can be in full control over the exchange rate of the tokens.

8. API's and iFrame support

Utilitonomy can provide you with full API of all your investor data so that you can place directly on your landing page. Such as amount contributed, separated by payment methods, count of investors, count of registrations, time frames, bonuses, etc.

We also provide iFrame for your Registration form so that you can place directly on your landing page.

9. Bonuses and Bounty?

Utilitonomy supports multiple Bonus structures including full configuration of bonuses based on time, where you can precisely set up the periods of time and the amount of bonus that you will give to your investors ; Amount based bonuses where you can set up as many Amount ranges as you want ; Automated bounty bonus distribution based on events – such as Telegram channel subscription ; Manual AirDrops with personalised messages for your users.

Marketing Related Questions

10. Can I customise Register fields?

Yes. Utilitonomy allows you to add all kinds of “Request-data-fields” directly on your Registration form. You can further make them mandatory or optional.

Also – you can add any kinds of Checkboxes for additional concent with your investors prior registering.

We also support native Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN SignUp/LogIn

11. Custom Tracking and custom code sections?

Utilitonomy allows you to place all kinds of different codes in the Investor dashboard, in order for you to add tracking of certain events, measuring performance or simply adding a Marketing popup message.

Even the use of a Live Chat widget code can be embedded in less than a second.

12. Less clicks means success!

By providing you with an iFrame for the registration form – we  practically made it perfect for your investors and your goals. You can even put the Registration form on a landing page.

We simplified the process of making an investment in 4 clicks – meaning that unregistered investor can Purchase your tokens in 4 clicks – no one can beat that.

13. Mails and Content?

Utilitonomy allows you to directly style all different Mails going out of the platform with your HTML and your content as well. We made it pretty easy for you editing everything through the Admin dashboard.

We also support several mail marketing providers with auto-switching in between them, in order to void in 100% non-deliverance of emails.

14. Do you support Referral Program?

Yes, we have a 5-tier referral program. Your backers will be provided with custom links to share on their networks, promoting your ICO. Every time someone uses a referral link to participate in the ICO, the backer whose link was used will be rewarded with a pre-defined amount of tokens. Thanks to our 5-level referral program, the backer receives a bonus not only for the participants directly invited with his referral link but also for those who’ve been invited by his invitees.

And its fully configurable through your Admin panel.

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